Changing The Lives Of Those We Touch................. One Person At A Time

Transforming Power Mandala

The central theme in AVP is Transforming Power. This is the power, available to us all, to change (transform) what might be a violent or destructive situation into a nonviolent one. The basis of Transforming Power is an appreciation of one's own self worth and a caring attitude towards all others. Accessing this power requires the ability to separate feelings about someone's behavior from feelings for that person.

Guide to Transforming Power
  • Seek to resolve conflicts by reaching common ground. 
  • Reach for that something good in others. 
  • Listen before making judgments. 
  • Base your position on truth. 
  • Be ready to revise your position, if it is wrong. 
  • Expect to experience great inward power to act. 
  • Risk being creative rather than violent. 
  • Use surprise and humor. 
  • Learn to trust your inner sense of when to act. 
  • Be willing to suffer for what is important. 
  • Be patient and persistent. 
  • Build community based on honesty, respect and caring.