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Alternatives To Violence Project

AVP-Canada is a group of dedicated volunteers, providing workshops in the community and in area prisons.  Community workshops are offered periodically, when enough interest is present to form a group.  The workshops are experiential and each participant contributes greatly to the workshop's success.  The workshops are beneficial for all, regardless of the motivation behind participation.  Previous participants have said that the workshop helped to develop skills of peaceful conflict resolution and in dealing with anger in their personal or work lives.

For a glimpse into a typical workshop and what you can expect, please click on the link.  This video was made in a Canadian prison with the consent of the participants.  Please note that AVP is not about religion and has no religious affiliation as this video may appear to suggest to some.  CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO .


How to become an AVP Volunteer

1.  Take a basic community workshop

2.  Take an advanced workshop.

3.  Attend monthly AVP council meetings. At these meetings we learn more about facilitating workshops  by sharing our experiences and schedule future workshops.       

4.  If you choose to do community and youth workshops: There are several facilitators who focus on this. Recruiting participants is a vital part of this. Going to community groups and churches and sharing about AVP is also important. Efforts are always underway to offer youth workshops.

5.  If you choose to do prison workshops you may be required to attend an orientation session for volunteers, so that you know what to expect when entering the prison system as a volunteer and you know what behaviour is expected of you and how to act and dress appropriately (especially for women).  For more information, contact us.

All of the workshops are experiential: The more you participate, the more you will learn about yourself, about violence, about communication and about the conflict resolution skills presented. Trained facilitators enjoy working as teams and we try to practice the skills we present.

Working with Alternatives to Violence Project,
YOU can make a difference!